Elite Engineering

Delivering Excellence

We are experienced engineering professionals who provide high quality engineering services at low cost. We guarantee best possible engineering services while using a wide range of engineering tools to address any of your engineering needs. We help fabricators avoid redesigning and help save the costs of reworks during manufacturing

Our Specialty

We specialize in delivering detailed engineering designs as well as excellent support for:
Pressure Vessels
Pressure Vessels
Heat Exchangers
Heat Exchangers
Storage Tanks
Skid Packages
Skid Packages
Steel Structures
FEM Analysis
FEM Analysis
SME Audit Support
ASME Audit Support

Our Services

Consulting Services

We provide a wide range of mechanical and structural engineering services for Design, Analysis, Re-rating and Fitness-for-service evaluations of static Equipment and steel structures 

Pressure Vessel Design and Analysis

We will design pressure vessels as per ASME Section VIII Div 1 and 2 and provide calculations and detailed drawing of the highest quality possible. 

Pressure Vessel Re-rating

We have the expertise to perform analysis and re-rating of the pressure vessel for a new set of design parameters. The re-rating can be due to higher design pressure or higher design temperature. 

Minimum Retirement Thickness Calculations

The minimum retirement thickness values for existing pressure vessels and pressure vessel components are calculated to maximize the remaining safe and useful life. We perform calculations to specify minimum retirement thickness values for various pressure components. 

Finite Element Analysis

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a technique that provides the numerical solution of a complex problem for which no closed-form solution exists. We have the expertise and cutting edge tools to solve these engineering problems quickly and efficiently using FEA. 

Pressure Equipment Certification

When the documentation in equipment files is not adequate to determine its operating or design parameters, the equipment needs to be reverse engineered to calculate its MAWP and design parameters. We provide this service while satisfying all the applicable code requirements. 

Heat Exchanger Design and Analysis

We analyze and re-rate heat exchangers based on TEMA and ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code

Fitness For Service Evaluations

We perform Fitness for Service evaluation to ensure safe and reliable operability of pressure equipment. 

ASME Audit Support

We provide full engineering support for U, U2, R and S code stamping during ASME audit


Elite Engineering is a young engineering technology start-up which makes us responsive, adaptive and flexible. On the other hand, our engineering team is well known across the industry and has extensive experience working with multinational companies on various projects: 

  • EPC For Bu Hasa Integrated Field Development Project. NPCC, Tr, ADNOC
  • IGD Expansion Phase II. NPCC, Tr, ADNOC
  • Bu Haseer Full Field Development (FFD) Project. NPCC, ADNOC
  • Umm Lulu Phase Full Field Development Packages 1&2. NPCC, Technip, ADNOC
  • Bu Haseer Field Development Project Early Production Scheme. NPCC, ADNOC
  • Nasr Full Field Development Project. NPCC, ADNOC
  • EPC Services for Satah full field development. NPCC, Technip/Frames, ADNOC
  • Additional Gas Supply to Onshore & Flexibility Assurance At USSC. NPCC, ADMA
  • Qusahwira Full Field Development Project. NPCC, ADCO Abu Dhabi
  • B series & N15/16 offshore Platform Project. NPCC, ONGC India
  • WO-16 Cluster & SB-14 Well Head offshore Platform Project. NPCC, ONGC India
  • B-22 Field development project. NPCC, ONGC India 
Elite Engineering

Our Core Values

We strive to use our experience to make your job easier. We are committed to continuous improvement and learning, and provide opportunities for our employees to grow and develop. Quality and customer service are the two pillars of our business, and we work to provide this to you in our daily interactions

We do what is right, when we say we will do it


We are determined to help our customers achieve success. 


We are responsible for our actions individually and as a whole. 


We work together towards a common goal, and with our customers to achieve the results they desire. 


We build lasting relationships between our clients and our staff to better understand and meet their needs over the long term. 


We value learning and devote time each day to further our understanding to aid us in our efforts. We provide information for our customers and anyone else needing our expertise in person or through this website. 


We seek out and listen to new ideas and views, promote two-way communication and share success with those around us.